COVID-19 has forced many organizations to shift rapidly to virtual and digital programs and techniques. Field sales and marketing activities as we’ve known them have stopped. Direct and partner selling has changed. Some companies are already fully digital adopters, but many are not. As digital replaces in-person touch points, what must you do first?

For your customers’ sake, here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Align, Align, Align. Now’s the time to ensure you have sales and marketing alignment in place. Even if you think you’re there, check again. If you haven’t synced up all of your digital and virtual customer outreach tactics across your company for what’s right for this moment, you must. For sales, marketing, and customer support. No customer wants to get disjointed or tone-deaf messages from you, especially now. Going digital isn’t enough. Get the strategy right.

  2. Rethink Your Selected Accounts. Right now, sadly, some industries and companies have been severely affected or even shut down due to COVID-19. Others are able to push on and still others are thriving due to the essential services they provide. Use your valuable insights and collect available industry data that reflect the moment. Then narrow down who you’re targeting and where you’re spending your time, right now.

  3. Stand in Your Customers’ Shoes. Think about what your customers are going through right now. This is not Business As Usual. Carefully consider the tone of your messages, and their frequency (fewer!). Now is the time to demonstrate that you understand who your customers are and how you can best help them in current circumstances.

  4. Always Deliver Value. We’re all affected by this pandemic in some way. Delivering value is always important but it’s essential now. Use the insights you’ve gained over time about your contacts and their company. If you provide real value your customers will never forget this. And you’ll feel good about it, too.

  5. Don’t Waste Time and Money. No one can afford to do this, especially now. If you haven’t done all of the things above, chances are you will. Get aligned. Get focused on the right accounts. Show empathy. Deliver value based on what you know or have learned about your customers and their industries.

We’ve navigated through crises before. This is different. Make sure you’re taking the right steps to provide value by spending the time to get aligned internally. Focus on the best ways to provide value in this time of intense difficulty. Your customers will thank you for it.