Our team has a track record of mobilizing teams and delivering strong results globally

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s largest global brands, successful startups and companies at various stages in their growth.  Here are just some of the results we’ve delivered:

1. ABX

Account-Based Acceleration

For a Fortune 100 company, developed account-based plans within seven key, global industry segments.
Led account selection process that focused both on expansion within existing accounts and acquisition of new accounts.
Joint planning with global and regional industry leads in sales, services and marketing to develop account maps and C-level value propositions and content.
Mobilized and unified sales and marketing content and coordinated touch points and metrics. Results included increases in revenue and improved key decision-maker relationships.


C-Level Engagement

Created and launched a complete omnichannel program culminating with a Global Executive Briefing series (in eleven major cities) that repositioned company as an industry thought leader.

Generated new qualified opportunities and more than $40M in closed revenue from both current and new clients.

Persona Research and Development

For a Global Cloud Company we refined personas, profiles, and market dynamics which led to increased effectiveness in marketing, social media, and media planning.

Customer Journey Mapping

For a Tech Company – Improved understanding of buyer behavior led to new content and programs with better KPI results.


2. Strategic Go-to-Market Planning

Marketing Strategy and Planning for B2B and B2C Segments

Researched, created and executed strategies and ABM plans that drove improvements in qualified leads, total pipeline value, and closed business year-to-year.

Marketing Transformation for Media Technology Company, B2B and B2C

Revamped the leadership team, repositioned the brand, improved channels marketing, geography marketing, and the demand generation, CRM, ABM, and marketing automation processes to achieve +117% growth in marketing-led opportunity pipeline and marketing-driven revenue (+54%), year-over year.

Industry Strategy and Planning for Technology Company

Helped build customer-value-driven industry solutions that accounted for 30% of company’s multi-billion-dollar revenue.

3. ABM Technology and Marketing Technology

Marketing Automation

Analysis of current implementation revealed sub-optimization of the platform in place. Prescribed changes improved e-commerce and customer response rates.

Evaluation of Platforms

Review and recommendation of marketing automation platforms based on CRM implementation, sales and marketing culture, and company business objectives.

ABM Strategy for Platform Selection

With the wealth of ABM technology platform options available, ABM strategies with tech in mind is the necessary front-end to ensure success and select the right vendors to match current and future needs.

4. Sales and Marketing Alignment

For Global Technology Company

Led joint planning between sales and marketing to align selected accounts, unify list of decision-maker and influencer contacts, and created shared scorecard to track progress against agreed objectives.

CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales and Marketing Process

Revamped CRM and marketing automation processes for global technology company. Defined SQLs, MQLs, SAOs, handoffs and methodology, resulting in increases in marketing-contributed revenue and increases in qualified leads

CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales and Marketing Process

Revitalized global partner program, forged new partner relationships which opened new market opportunities for sales, and posted results that contributed 30-40% of total bookings after one year (an increase of 4X).

For SaaS startup

Addressed culture change and put in place for sales and marketing CRM training, customization, governance, agreements, KPIs, and dashboards

5. Global Growth from Growbilize

Marketing Leadership and Transformation for Global Company

Designed organization, put in place marketing disciplines and career paths, and restructured a team of over 800 marketers across 14 countries.

International Successes in Demand Generation for Technology Companies

Led Asia Pacific teams in gains in market share, qualified leads, brand image and perception for consecutive years.

Local Insights into Results for Tech Companies

Actionable Market Research customized for all major markets.

Targeted, Localized Marketing Plans Driven by Customer-Value Insights

Development of successful go-to-market plans in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.