Question 5: Are we delivering value to — and developing long-term relationships with — our most valuable clients?

Many B2B companies often start conversations from an inside-out rather than outside-in approach. What do we mean by that? They talk about their products and solutions, describe all of its features — without first researching and discussing what their client values most.

The ideal *value-based conversation* starts with what the client is most concerned about from both from a professional and personal viewpoint: how will this help me to contribute to the company’s business objectives and benefit me in how I am evaluated and compensated? Will this solution help me accomplish my commitments to the organization?

Ultimately, your client may be determining whether working with you, your product, solutions, or services will make their lives easier or better in some meaningful way.

Especially in B2B, the customer journey is lengthy, and non-linear. That means knowing when to respond to clients with the right, when and how they want it, in the most compelling, informative, *value-based* way possible.