Question 3: Are our sales and marketing teams coordinating their efforts for maximum impact?

More often than not, the answer is no. Why is this so, especially when the benefits of sales and marketing alignment are so clear? Aberdeen Group estimates that sales and marketing alignment can lead to a +32% increase in year-over-year revenue growth!

Fact is, it’s not that simple to accomplish and many try the “just get in a room together” approach, which doesn’t last. Real alignment needs to be planned for and reinforced.

Sales needs help closing the largest deals, covering multiple decision makers and influencers. Marketing can help immeasurably, but often isn’t aware, enlisted, or is focused elsewhere.

However, when the teams are rallied around a tangible, measurable objective, this can change everything for the better. One example is achieving engagement throughout the sales cycle, using an account-based sales and marketing approach. This provides a thorough-going process, and helps accomplish true alignment. Then, all the benefits (who wouldn’t want YoY revenue growth?) are possible.