Here is how AI is helping now with sales and marketing alignment, as excerpted below in this article from G2.

We welcome any steps forward toward automation and facilitation when it comes to sales and marketing alignment. The reality is that true alignment requires addressing processes, the people who will drive the processes, and the unified, coordinated use of the great, available tools and technology. Still, this good overview discusses what is coming and what to use — or plan to use — right now:

“AI within marketing has opened more doors: think about lead/account scoring cementing account-based marketing (ABM) as the new norm; signal and intent data driving revenues that can rival your pure inbound channel; persona-based segmentation of your website’ and AI-powered chatbots reducing your time to first touch.

But it has also given marketing teams unprecedented access to the voice of their customers, which is a goldmine of opportunity for sales teams.

AI for marketing and sales alignment

Capturing that voice is key to getting ahead of the competition. This is obvious, right? Not enough marketers are using this vital information, like analyzing interactions with prospects to learn why leads do or do not convert; understanding the driving needs or pain points of your target audience; and ensuring that the customer-facing teams are engaging with prospects with approved/appropriate language and talk tracks.

Once applied, this moves prospects through the funnel faster. Here are four more areas marketing and sales can improve with the power of AI.”